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Memorial Stadium

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Behind the endzones on the lowest level of seating is the Lower Level Endzone seating zone. The seats in this location are very close to the action and have a great view of the near side of the field. The opposite end of the field is much harder to see because it is far away and there is not very much elevation - especially in the rows closest to the field.

The main videoboard at Memorial Stadium is located above Section 36 on the North side of the stadium. If you're debating between both endzone sides, sit in Sections 15-17 where you'll have a head-on view of the videobard.

There is no upper deck behind the endzones, so these sections do not have a protective overhang and are fully exposed to the weather. This location has some very large sections with 21-98 numbered rows in each.

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  • Section 38, Row 62
    100/100 Deal Rating
    October 7 - Wisconsin Badgers at Nebraska Cornhuskers
  • Section 36B, Row 91
    99/100 Deal Rating
    October 14 - Ohio State Buckeyes at Nebraska Cornhuskers
  • Section 35, Row 93
    90/100 Deal Rating
    September 16 - Northern Illinois Huskies at Nebraska Cornhuskers
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Showing tickets for Apr 15 - Nebraska Cornhuskers Football Spring Game

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