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Memorial Stadium Lower Level Sideline Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

On the lowest level of seating behind the sideline is the Lower Level Sideline seating location. This location is home to some of the closest seats to the action in a prime spot of the field along the sideline. This combination of quality and proximity, along with the possibility of sitting near the 50 yard line, makes these seats some of the best that are offered at Memorial Stadium.

Sections 9, 10, and 11 in this location are designated student sections for Nebraska games. This area and the adjacents sections are likely to be one of the loudest places on gameday.

Sections on the sideline have 47 numbered rows, with lettered rows in the front of some sections. While rows 40 and above may be a tempting place to sit on a hot or rainy day, beware that there are pillars at row 40 that obstruct the seat view from higher rows.  -

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    Possible Tripping Hazard

    Section 39

    I was at the April 13 spring game sitting in section 39 row 20 seat 20. I saw 5 people fall down and several others trip. This is right at the start of the curve and is a very bad trip hazard. people are looking up for the section and trip at the short narrow step.

    • "Southwest end zone behind the visitors section"

      (Section 21) - -

      Seats were in the southwest end zone behind the visitors section. These seats are at an angle so you really could see the field pretty good.

    • "Great!"

      (Section 5) - -

      Right behind the Nebraska players they sit right in front of you. Feel like your right in the action. Great fun with my honey!

    • "Amazing! Got to see the players well."

      (Section 5) - -

      There were no seats in front of you. Great place to enjoy the game. Would love to sit there again.

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