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Memorial Stadium

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Corner seating at Cal Memorial Stadium includes some of the best value seats, along with some of the worst sitelines. Choosing the right section and row will make the difference between a good deal and a wasted afternoon.

The shape of the seating bowl does not allow for good angles towards midfield from the corner seats, particularly in rows 20 and below. These lower rows offer uncomfortable views towards the 50 yardline and the other side of the field.

Unless you just want to be as close to the field as possible, resist the temptation of the low rows and opt for something between Row 30 and 45. These rows will give you more elevation, making it easier to see the entire field in a single glance. They're also close to the concourse tunnel for quick trips to restrooms and concessions.

The best value seats are found in C and KK. While priced among the cheapest seats in the stadium, they offer great angles towards midfield, good looks at the videoboards and quicker trips to the concourse.

Designated visitor seating can be found in the top rows of Sections P, OO and O in the SE corner.


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  • Section DD, Row 6
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    November 26 - UCLA Bruins at California Golden Bears
  • Section V, Row 1
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    November 5 - Washington Huskies at California Golden Bears
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