Memorial Gymnasium

Memorial Gymnasium Middle Side Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Some of the finest views at Memorial Gymnasium are in the lower rows of sections 2A-2E and 2G-2K. These sections are located at the perfect height for seeing both ends of the court comfortably. For the best sitelines, consider rows 7 and below in any of these sections.

When looking at tickets in the higher rows (8 and above), be aware of the overhang that severely limits your sitelines. You\'ll be able to see the entire court, but you won\'t be able to see the scoreboard and your view of the court will be tunneled. It\'s worth a few extra bucks to get the lowest row possible.

Owing to their sideline location, chairback seating and desirable sitelines, rows 1-5 of sections 2B-2D might be the best seats at Memorial Gym.   -

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    • "Great Height, Bad Overhang"

      (Section 2J) - -

      This was my first time at Memorial Gym, and I wish I would have done a little more legwork before jumping on the cheapest tickets. The second level is at the absolute perfect height for watching basketball. The first few rows of these are far superior to the first level seats below them. Unfortun...