McLane Stadium

McLane Stadium 100 Level Sideline Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

Seats in the 100 Level Sideline sections will have some of the best views for a football game at McLane Stadium, especially along the west sideline in Sections 103-109. Fans here will not only be treated to excellent views from the lower seating tier and between the endzones, but will also have a comfortable chairback seat.

At the east sideline, all sections in this area will be occupied by the Baylor students. Located just above the Baylor Line student seating area, these seats will be some of the loudest and most energetic come gameday in Waco.

Sections on the West sideline have up to 29 numbered rows of seating (with Row 1 being located right up against the field), while the east sideline sections are set further back starting at Row 16 and ending at Row 32.  -

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