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Martin Stadium

About These Seats

Fans will find some of the furthest views from the main seating bowl in the corner sections at Martin Stadium. Great for watching the action at the near endzone, but views of the far endzone will be difficult. Opt for seats at west corners where you'll have a much better view of the videoboard at the east endzone.

Like the adjacent sideline sections, these sections have up to 45 rows of seating, staring with lettered rows in front, followed by numbered rows behind. Sections 21-23 are particularly susceptible to the sun, and along with Sections 10-12 will also struggle to see the scoreboard.

Student seating occupies the northwest corner in Sections 31-32, where fans can expect a louder and more energetic atmosphere come gameday at Martin Stadium.


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  • Our seats were all the way at the very top row of our section, and our section was across from the scoreboard end zone. ...

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