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"A Lot Going on in These Seats"

Seat Review From Section 8, Row 13, Seats 13-16
Apr 2013


First off, 24 seats in a row in a lower level section on the infield is unacceptable. These seats were in the middle of the row, which made getting in and out a pain -- even on a day when the stadium was virtually empty. Seat 1 is on right, farther from home plate, while Seat 24 is closer to home plate.

Besides for the long row issue, these seats are phenomenal. You are looking directly at the small scoreboard in left field (though the foul pole blocks part of it), and the main scoreboard in CF is a quick turn of the head to the right. You also have a great view of downtown Miami in the opening in LF, and of the tropical feature in left-center that goes off when the Marlins hit a homer (they didn't on this night). You are just a touch past first base. All plays on the infield are right in front of you and all plays in the outfield (except very deep in RF) are easy to see. Keep in mind that there are about ten lettered rows before these numbered rows begin.

In addition to the view, the intangibles of these seats are hard to beat. The group I was with was featured on the main jumbotron no fewer than five times. The camera well is just twenty rows in front of you and is very active in these seats above the visitor's dugout. Additionally, one foul ball was caught three rows up and another literally landed in Section 8, Row 13, Seat 13. In other words, this is a very active section for foul balls, especially from right-handed batters. Plus, if you look up, you are underneath the roof. So for evening games you are always in the shade and for late afternoon games you will get shade well before fans on the first base side.

Concessions are so-so. If you can't read Spanish, you might be frustrated that the menu board (it is a video screen) changes back and forth from English to Spanish. The nacho chips are cardboard, but the queso almost makes up for it. The women's restroom is closer than the men's restroom, but there were plenty of urinals to get you in and out of the men's room quickly.

Overall, if I was buying season tickets at Marlins Park, this would be one of the first sections I would consider. Spending 81 games a season in these seats wouldn't be so bad, though I'd make sure to get aisle seats.

Best for... watching the game, bringing the family, being close to the action, impressing a guest, Catching a foul ball

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    A/C blows down the back of your neck, miserable

    Jun 2017

    Section 8, Row 19, Seat 12

    Good seats to watch the game, but the temperature was extremely and uncomfortably cold!

    Row A is the first row behind the visitor's dugout in Section 8.

    Section 8, Row A

    Front of sections 8-21 are behind the netting

    There is some amount of netting or screening in front of sections 8-21. The height and coverage of netting or screening will vary by section.

    • "Nearly the best seats for this field"

      (Section 11) - -

      The batter and pitcher is awesome to see from here. You can see all of the field very well and the infield extremely well.

    • "In line with third base"

      (Section 21) - -

      Great infield spot. Right in line with third base. Nice height to see everything without being too far away.

    • "Beautiful View"

      (Section 16) - -

      Pretty much what you're looking for. Clear views, comfortable angle, head-on the videoboard and pretty close to the field. Not a whole lot wrong with sitting here.

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