Marlins Park

"Good seat but the foul pole is annoying"

Seat Review From Section 1, Row 21
Aug 2016


The seat is very good, and you can easily see all of the field. It's very easy to get to the concessions from here since there is a concession stand right behind this section. The yellow foul pole is distracting when looking at the outfield, but overall the seats are great.

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    • "Sweet angle"

      (Section 28) - -

      Seat 4 is right up against the wall. Cool view towards the plate. Look straight ahead to see home plate and directly left for the videoboard. Cool experience.

    • "Incredible view of the field"

      (Section 5) - -

      I could see all of the field very easily, and getting to the concession stand was not difficult whatsoever from here. Great seats!

    • "Nearly the complete view of the field"

      (Section 3) - -

      Awesome seats! You can see the entire field from here at ease and the scoreboard is very easy to see also.

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