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"Good angle, comfortable spot"

Seat Review From Section 4, Row 26, Seats 17-18
Aug 2016


Moved down to these seats after grabbing churros nearby. Even on a Saturday night there was no one within 5 rows. Allowed for a comfortable spot and plenty of room.

Seats have a good angle to the field for being so far in the outfield. That plus being higher up makes it easy to see the whole field.

Just a couple rows from plenty of concessions for nice convenience.

Best for... fans on a budget

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    • "Almost at field level!"

      (Section 26) - -

      Loved this spot. Row J is the 8th row in this section and every seat seems to be great. Awesome view towards home plate and super close to the field. Comfortable spot. Biggest bummer is view of LF is partially blocked. Otherwise great.

    • "Wow"

      (Section 6) - -

      Great unobstructed view about 10 yards from first base

    • "Philadelphia Phillies at Miami Marlins - Apr 13, 2019"

      (Section 5) - -

      Seats were good, view was good, but food and drink was way too expensive! I was there by 5 o'clock and maybe because I had a Phillies jersey on, but I did not get a hat giveaway! I don't know about at Marlins stadium, but every other city I've been to, everybody got the giveaway! And it's not like t...

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