Mandalay Bay Events Center

"Comfortable Spot"

Seat Review From Section 207, Row K
Mar 2019


Very good view for being the last row in the 200s. Mandalay Events Center is small compared to the venues I'm used to going to! This would be a premium seat at most places, and a bargain here.

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    • "Pretty Good"

      (Section 218) - -

      I had only been to larger arenas being from Chicago so even though the seats were one row from the top row in the section, the seats were pretty good. The seats were on the side of the cage (UFC 175) so we were still able to see down into it and felt right on top of the action. The pic I posted is w...

    • "Decent Side of Stage Seats"

      (Section 204) - -

      Problem is, there is a railing that gets in the way for the walkway. The main view is kind of behind the stage but not horrible.

    • "Good Value"

      (Section 222) - -

      Totally under-rated seats, loved em!

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