Mandalay Bay Events Center

100 Level End Seating at Mandalay Bay Events Center Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

The 100 Level End sections contain the largest variety of views in the entire venue. This is because they are the largest sections at the Mandalay Bay Events Center due to the extended rows at the end of the floor. The most desirable seats will be the double lettered rows, which are the extended rows, bringing you closer to the floor. These seats have exceptional views, and if there is a B-Stage, these seats will be very close to the performers.

The single lettered rows offer quality views as well, but as the letters get closer to Z the higher and further you will get. The biggest benefit is the head on view to the stage. You can sit comfortably and watch openers without having to turn your head. When the headliner takes the stage, these back lower level sections will sometimes see a mix of fans standing and sitting.  -

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    • "Avoid Low Rows in This Section"

      (Section 113) - -

      The Sound Mixer is pretty big and there was a video camera in the way. Avoid rows A-E in 113 for the best views.

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