Madison Square Garden

New York Rangers 100 Level Goal Seating


Sitting Here for a Hockey Game

Each 100 level end section contains 15 rows of seating with Row 6 being first and Row 20 being last. Sections 111-113 are very popular among Rangers fans because they are behind the net where the Rangers attack in the first and third periods.

Generally speaking, you will be looking through the glass to see the action inside the nearest blue line and above the glass to see the rest of the ice. Unlike most seating on the lower level, these are not club seats, which makes them the cheapest option for Rangers tickets on the lower level. Some fans will complain that the other end of the ice is too far away, while others will celebrate being the first to know when a goal is scored on their end of the ice.  -

Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

  • "Not as good as expected"

    (Section 103) - -

    We sat in these for a concert, These seats would be located behind the goal for a hockey game. These new renovated seats have very little leg room and your knees press up against the seat in front of you. I would take the old seating over these and would not seat here for any future events. They are...

  • "Great"

    (Section 113) - -

    In my mind one of best seats in garden cheap for lower level.

  • "The vantage point of these seats in section 103 was top notch. "


    You miss some of the action behind the net but you have a clear view in front. Obviously the other net is a little distant but it's almost as close as being in an upper 300s section. Very cool. In the past, we had a half season pack in the 300s and this was a big step up from those. is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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