Madison Square Garden

"Floor seats in section F Row 12 (Aisle seats #15 and 16)"

Seat Review From Floor F, Row 12, Seats 15, 16
Dec 2014


It was great having "aisle seats" and on the Floor of Madison Square Garden. The seats were also convenient if and when we needed to go to the concession stands or the rest rooms as they are relatively close to the entry and exit doors.

One drawback is (since the floor is flat and no elevated seats behind one another) if people stand up in front of you they block the view of the stage. In this manner, I feel it's best to either have seats close in front or a good location half way up or so in the first elevated seat sections or so. Or at least, not higher than the mezzanine area. But, all in all my girlfriend and I were pretty happy to have floor location seats, despite the high ticket prices and beverage prices that definitely put a real limit on frequency of attending concerts.

One thing that I was much surprised about is that the entry security and guide workers (several as you come in) all saw my 35mm camera strapped around my kneck and welcomed me in with open arms so due to this fact I thought it was ok to use a 35mm camera at the concert. However, to my surprise after about 25 minutes a very abrupt and very rude photo police security guy in plain cloths confronted me and made a BIG STINK to me and then to the security staff. He rudely said to me "I could care less if you take all the photos you wish of J.Geils because he could care less about them. I asked him if he worked for the Garden. He hesitated and said "no" I work for Bob Seger. I loved the show from both bands. But, I now have a real sour taste in my mouth about the Bob Seger crew and their rude and crude "money-money-money me-me-me attitude. I paid about $320.00 for my seat two tickets including 30.00 for prepaid parking (the parking lot location was great. Right across the street from the Garden.

In my opinion, it would have been much more appropriate if the entry security informed me not to carry my 35mm camera in before they took my entry tickets. It is certainly not appropriate on the part of Madison Square Guarden to welcome you in at the entry gate with a 35mm camera in plain open view to them and "then" have several huge security guys come stomping at you like they were looking for Jack The Ripper. I simply was on a nice special date with a wonderful woman who I treated to a special concert that I waited to see in anticipation for a long time. I last saw J.Geils in 1977 at the Paladium for their 10th anniversery concert. And I saw Bob Seger at the Garden some years ago. I only was interested in a special night of enjoyment with my very special girlfriend. And some momento photos to cherish in the future. The reaction of that Bob Seger Roady and the Garden Security was heavilly overkill and uncalled for. When it was explained to me that the 35mm camera can't be used, I simply put it away in my girlfriend's handbag and used a small point and shoot camera. In fact many people in the whole area were using Ipods, and I even saw another fan using a 35mm camera while standing right in the open isle. As a matter of "fact" I did not say one word back in response to the security yet when confronted, and several nice fans sitting around me protested to the security staff when they saw how they were trying to treat me. I just met those nice people at the concert and we all peacefully and respectfully enjoyed one anothers company and the concert with the exception to that uncalled for overkill response by three huge security guys who came to my seat area.

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