Madison Square Garden

"Front Row makes a huge difference in 200 Level"

Seat Review From Section 225, Row 1, Seats 12-13
Oct 2017


The concert experience is pretty different from a sporting event. Everybody is standing the whole time and dancing room becomes a consideration. I had never been to MSG before and was very surprised by just how steep the incline of the stadium is. When I turned around i was surprised to find that the person's crotch was at eye level.

Because of this steep slope, i recall vividly thinking it would be difficult to stand and dance all night being any further up the section, it would probably have thrown me off balance and provided a nice sense of vertigo. I felt the vertigo just walking down the steps towards my seat from the entrance hallway.

That being said, the first row had a smidgen of extra room in front PLUS a nice glass balustrade to make you feel safe from falling to your doom.

In addition i found the sound quality to be much better in the front row of this particular 200 level section than the back row.

Now, whenever seeking out concert tickets at MSG, if I can't afford lower tier seating I always look for 1st row in the 200 level. I find the experience much improved and worth the extra money.

Best for... seeing the stage, partying/socializing, impressing a guest

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