Madison Square Garden

"Decent seats, took some great pictures with a good zoom"

Seat Review From Section 211, Row 4, Seats 21-22
Jul 2016


This was the sold out 5SOS show at MSG. I thought the seats were decent and sound was perfect! Pictures came out great (I have a canon point and shoot with a 30x zoom).

My only complaint about these seats is the speakers are in the way of the screens. Picture is taken without zoom.

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    Nothing spectacular

    Jun 2016

    Section 211, Row 21, Seat 12

    Don't get me wrong, the view is clear and the sound is loud. But being behind the bridge makes you feel kinda separated. Would prefer a lower row.

    Speakers partly in the way.

    Jul 2018

    Section 211, Row 16, Seat 18

    • "Marc Anthony - Feb 13, 2020"

      (Section 212) -
    • "Really awesome! "

      (Section 212) - -

      These seats are pretty amazing. Thought I wanted to be on the 100 level, but I love these. There's nothing you can't see comfortably. Good view of the whole stage and you can even see the screen (though you won't need it). Love em!

    • "Not too bad"

      (Section 222) - -

      Row 1 has the monitor, which is rather pointless during a concert. So I'd try to go for row 2 or higher here because the glass gets in the way when seated. Otherwise, good spot to be really close without paying lower level prices.

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