Madison Square Garden

"Good head-on view of the stage"

Seat Review From Section 205, Row 1, Seat 10
Jun 2016


The seats provide a comfortable view of the entire stage, free of obstructions. First row is great for not having anyone in front of you and still allows easy access up a few stairs to grab a beer or head to the restroom (aisle seats made it even easier).

For seeing a lot of detail, the seats are a little far away from the stage, but you have a really nice view of the screens when you need them.

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Straight Away Views and Super Convenient

Jun 2016

Section 205, Row 1, Seat 9

Although we were on the opposite end of MSG from the stage, our seats had pretty good straight away views for the Ellie Goulding show. The sound was really quite excellent from the seats, and the glass railing at the front of the section didn't really interfere with the view at all. Being on the aisle was great for convenience, as we were just a few rows down from the concourse and right near two different beer stands with really manageable sized lines. You had to walk over a few sections to the nearest men's room, but all in all it didn't take that long to get to and from. Being in the front row also left us with a nice ledge near our feet where we could either rest the next round of beers, or put our feet up and relax. Wish we could have been closer to Ellie and her magical voice, but overall these were pretty darn good for the money.

  • "Barstool with a bar right behind!"

    (Section 204) - -

    These might be the best barstool seats at MSG. The bar at the garden is directly behind. So you literally turn around and grab a drink. Seats look right at the stage. There are obviously much closer seats, but not many have a personal ledge and bar right behind.

  • "Black and Blue "

    (Section 203) - -

    For a place that brags that they spent nearly $1 billion dollars on state of the art renovations, someone forgot to measure the legroom space in all their seats. The legroom space is 5 inches from the drop down chair to the seat in front of you in Section 203 Row 3 (see photo). The bigger joke is th...

  • "Most legroom at Madison Square Garden!"

    (Section 206) - -

    This is the last row in the section. The balcony hangs over, but it's not in the way at all, even if you have to stand. This seat and the one next to it don't have any seats in front of them. Pretty awesome! is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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