Lucas Oil Stadium

Lucas Oil Stadium 100 Level Sideline Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Also known as the Street Level, the 100 Level Sideline sections offer some of the most sought after views for basketball games at Lucas Oil Stadium. Located along the sidelines on the lowest seating tier, fans are treated to good views of the action at both ends of the court.

To allow the sections to extend closer to the court, Riser seating is placed on top of the traditional seats in most rows, except near the back of the sections. While allowing for more seating options, the risers extend down to the court at a shallower angle, providing less elevation to see over the seating rows in front.

Most sections start with Rows 1-4 at the front, followed by single lettered rows A-Z, double lettered Rows AA-QQ, and ending with numbered Rows 21 and higher.

Many of the 100 Level Sideline sections also feature handicap accessible seating located at either the front or back of the section.  -

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