Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Endzone


Sitting Here for a Football Game

With up to 93 rows of seating, sections in the East endzone of the Coliseum offer a wide range of experiences.

In the first ten rows you'll be within 20 yards of the endzone and have amazing views of scoring plays in that directions. But when the action moves to the other side of the field, you might be too low to see 140 yards downfield.

The last ten rows offer a similarly unique experience. These seats are as far away from the field as you can get so your view is great sacrificed and is similar to being in the nosebleeds at a multi-level stadium. But you might also find shade in those higher rows during late afternoon games as the sun sets behind the videboard.

A less polarizing experience can be had in Rows 30-60 in Endzone seating. While the same can be said for just about every section in the stadium, the best height to see the whole field is somewhere between these rows. You'll be able to see the entire field, the goalposts won't be as obstructive and you'll be close to the concourse tunnels.

While the videoboard provides relief for some fans, it's also the only large screen in the stadium. A smaller screen sits about 200 yards away above the peristyle. If you love watching the replay board, avoid these seats and continue your search on the other side of the field.  - RateYourSeats.com

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