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Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

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The unique size and shape of the Coliseum makes corner seating highly inequitable. Corner seats on the East side of the stadium are about 100 feet farther from the action than similar seats on the West side (Sections 11-13 and 17-18). The unique shape also gives Sections 3 and 26 very poor angles to the field.

While East side corner sections should be avoided, some corner seats on the opposite end of the field offer great value. Rows 30-50 in Sections 12 and 17 offer phenomenal views of the entire field at a fraction of the cost of Sideline seating. When the action moves to the far side of the field, it will seem far away - but the cost savings is worth the squinting of the eyes.

Some seats in Sections 26, 27, and 28 in this are reserved for student seating. Those sections are also the sunniest and hottest sections in the stadium. Contrast that with Sections 11-13 which won't be blinded by the sun and will have it set behind them during the late afternoon.

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