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The iconic LA Coliseum holds more than 90,000 guests - and nowhere is this more evident than in the sideline sections. These sections contain up to 93 rows of seats and some ticket sellers will refer to different rows as lower, mid and upper (now 100, 200, 300). Much has changed on the south sideline with a renovation project that was completed before the 2019 season.

The lower rows - 43 and below in the 100 level sections- are usually the most sought-after tickets, due to their position closest to the field. While sitting close to the field is an incredible experience, we recommend avoiding at least the first 15 rows. These rows are incredibly close to the ground and it can be difficult to see over players on the sideline.

Our favorite spot among the lower portion is in rows 30-43. The elevation of these rows makes it easy to see the entire field, and being just below the entry tunnel is a major bonus.

200 sections (mid rows) have between 20-25 rows, while most 300 sections (upper rows) have rows from 1-25. For fans familiar with NFL stadiums, the mid rows or 200 level sections are comparable (in elevation) to a club level, while the upper rows are similar to an upper level.

One common complaint among fans in the front rows of the 200 level is that people crowd out of the tunnels and block your view. For that reason, we recommend saving a few bucks and choosing a seat in rows 10 or higher to be on the safe side. Similar issues arise at the front of the 300 level sections, which are also close to entry tunnels.

For USC home games, the Trojans players use the sideline in front of sections 120B-123A. And for Rams games, sections 105B-108A are behind the home sideline. Regardless, we recommend the South sideline sections (104A-109B) over the North side. The sun sets behind these sections and not directly in your face.

Student Seating is located on the first two levels of the Northeast side of the stadium. Specifically
Sections 123A-124B in the Sideline location. Seats nearby will be well aware of this fact as this area gets a little more loud and rowdy than the rest of the stadium.  - RateYourSeats.com

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    • "Best seats period "

      (Section 119A) - -

      Amazing view, directly outside of the tunnel on the left side. These are the only two seats in their own row. Restrooms and concession stands are amazingly close. You can go and return within a couple of plays. I wouldn't trade them for any other section. These are two of the best that the Memorial...

    • "Perfect "

      (Section 108A) -
    • "Chicago Bears at Los Angeles Rams - Nov 17, 2019"

      (Section 123B) -

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