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200 Level Side Seating at Little Caesars Arena Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

Sections on the 200 level sides offer affordability without being terribly far from the action, however there are a few factors which fans should consider when searching for tickets among these seats.

The most notable pitfall to avoid is siting too high up where the overhanging structures (Gondolas on the west side of the arena, Press Box on the east side) create severe tunnel vision down to the stage. Fans have commented on this sub-optimal design which can have a drastic affect on the overall experience, so whenever possible. we recommend sticking to rows 5 and lower to avoid the complication.

Another seating choice to consider comes during traditional end stage performances and whether to choose seats in either section 210 or 228. These are among the closet of any on the upper 200 level, but getting the right seat number is important. In section 210, fans will want to be in the higher numbered seats (preferably seats 14 and higher) to be closer to section 211 and avoid those extreme side angle views. On the east side, the opposite is true in section 228 where the lower numbered seats are the better choice.   -

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    • "Loge seats block view, also scary steep"

      (Section 211) - -

      When screen was lowered during the concert, view was blocked and you couldn't see Paul McCartney. So steep it's scary to stand up. Only 11 rows in this section. Seats don't seem any larger than Joe Louis.

    • "Restricted view"

      (Section 226) - -

      View of overhang gondola seating instead of full arena view. Poor design. TVs not synced with stage either.

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