Little Caesars Arena

Mezzanine Level Side Seating at Little Caesars Arena Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

Located on a small seating tier just below the 200 level, Mezzanine Side sections are a strong option if you prefer a more intimate atmosphere for a show at Little Caesars Arena. Sections here have no more than 5 rows of seating in each, and also feature standing drink rail options at the back of most sections. Drink rails are great for a more casual social atmosphere, but fans should be aware that views from the rail are considered limited.

If you're attending a show which features a traditional end stage configuration, you can't go wrong with searching in Mezzanine sections 9-10 and 29-30. These options are close to the stage and won't put you at risk of an extreme side angle view (which can be the case if sitting in Mezzanine sections 8 or 31).  -

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