Little Caesars Arena

100 Level Corner Seating at Little Caesars Arena Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

If you're attending an end stage show at Little Caesars Arena, corner seating on the lower 100 level will either have you right by the stage, or set further near the back of the floor area. Sections 106 and 125 are the options closest to an end stage setup, however careful selection of seat numbers becomes an important step in maximizing your experience.

If you're searching in section 106 for an end stage show, the higher numbered seats are where you'll want to be as they will put you closer to section 107. Being in the lower numbered seats here puts you at risk of being too far beyond the front of the stage, and thus limiting your view of the performance. Conversely, in section 125 fans will want to opt for the lower numbered seats where you get the better viewing angle and avoid behind the stage views.

At the far end of the floor, corner sections 112-113 and 118-119 offer less of a risk vs. reward experience, as most seats here will have a similar feel for an end stage show. We prefer seats in sections 113 and 118 over the closer options (112 and 119) much in part to the better natural angle to the stage and fewer seats per row.  -

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