Little Caesars Arena

Detroit Pistons 100 Level End Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

If you're looking for the most affordable lower level tickets for a basketball game at Little Caesars Arena, chances are you might be searching in the end sections behind the baskets. Prices are often more reasonable here, however fans should be aware of the challenges that come with sitting behind one of the nets.

Seating begins with lettered rows A-K closest to the floor, which are setup on risers that extend the permanent seating sections. These riser seats will have you closer to the action on the floor, but it is important to note that there will also be less elevation between seating rows, creating a larger chance that a taller fan just in front will impact your view.

For better height over the seating rows in front, search for tickets in rows 13 and higher as these will offer a less shallow incline compared to the rows closer to the floor. Sitting higher in the section also allows for easier trips to and from the concourse, which can be accessed at the top of these 26 row sections.

Whenever possible, we advise fans to avoid the higher numbered seats in sections 102 and 115, as well as the lower numbered seats in sections 103 and 116. These seats would put you closest to the aisle directly behind the baskets, where the views are the most frustrating.

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