Lincoln Financial Field

"Obstructed view sold as non-obstructed"

Seat Review From Section 242, Row 9, Seat 1
Jun 2017


We saw U2 in Philadelphia on June 19th. While the show was beyond awesome and the band sounded great, our tickets were only marked as "side stage" -- they were not marked "obstructed view".

We were unable to see ANY of the videos that continuously played during the songs, and for the price we paid per seat (we purchased 4 seats), I think it should have been made very clear by Lincoln Financial Field that sitting there would not afford the viewer to see the entire stage show.Obviously the venue would know that Section 242 would struggle to see the screens from that angle.

We clearly missed out on some very vivid parts of U2's show and it left us feeling a bit taken for a ride with the price per ticket, when we clearly should have been warned that we would not see most of the videos as a result. Poor marketing for sure.

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