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Lower Level Side Seating at Lincoln Financial Field Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

Side seating on the lower level is one of the most popular seating choices for a concert at Lincoln Financial Field. Owing to their proximity to the stage and elevation over the floor, these seats typically command one of the largest ticket prices.

When choosing seats in the lower level, it is important to consider your siteline to the stage. For example, sections 123 and 136 typically show lower ticket prices than adjacent sections despite being closer to the stage. This is due to the severe side angle these seats produce. It will be difficult to see the entire stage, and we recommend sitting in a side section farther from the stage to provide a better angle.

Another siteline consideration is the sound and lighting equipment that is usually placed towards the back of the floor. While each show comes with a slightly different setup, a number of recent concerts have had equipment blocking the views of fans in 104-107 and 114-117. Choosing a seat in one of the preferred side sections will reduce the likelihood of an obstructed view.

A final consideration for seats in the lower level is having enough height to see the stage comfortably. We recommend rows 25 and higher in these side sections for having the most comfortable sitelines, good access to the concourse and the highest likelihood of being covered and/or shaded.   -

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