Liberty Bowl

Liberty Bowl Endzone Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

When compared to the Sideline seating options, the Endzone sections provide less steep stands and also have much fewer rows. The large videoboard is located above Sections 126-128, which gives Sections 112-114 a head-on view of replays and highlights. Sections in this location have 38-66 numbered rows each, with a single entry tunnel located near row 27.

Student seating for Memphis home games can be found in Section 124-125 and the fronts of 126-128 near the east corner, while visitor seating is found in Section 116 at the north corner. A designated Family Fun Zone area is available in the upper portion of Sections 112-114 in the northwest endzone.  -

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      (Section 124) - -

      We could see everything from these seats. Had the jumbotron next to us for closer vieing

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