Kohl Center

"Far views from the 200 level corner"

Seat Review From Section 211, Row K, Seat 10
Nov 2013


"Being in the last row of a corner section made it feel further than many of the other 200 level sections at the Kohl Center. It was convenient to be able to stretch my arms without bothering anyone behind me, but the court felt far away and it was difficult to see the sideline near the visitor bench due to the backboard support being in the way. The scoreboard at the arena has 4 videoboards, 2 of which face the sidelines while the other 2 face the backboards, so I didn't get a head on view of the replays and highlights, but still had a decent angle to make out most of what was shown on the big screens.

Row K is marked with a handicap sign at the start of the row, so I believe it may have been designated for handicap accessible seating, although I didn't see any handicap fans in the row. But the seating row felt very wide and was easy to navigate and get to my seat which was right in the middle (Seat 10 of 20 in Row K). I was very close to the student band located just behind the basket below, but I was underneath the overhang from the seating deck above which seemed to do a good job of dampening the loud band and student section cheering.

I usually look forward to corner seats having a great angle toward the center of the floor, resulting in minimal head turning and just being able to sit back and take in the game with minimal effort. Although, these seats were angled toward the near basket, causing me to turn my head to the right quite a bit to follow the ball down to the far end of the court."

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