Kohl Center

"Amazing Seats For the 200 Level"

Seat Review From Section 222, Row F, Seat 1
Nov 2013


Wow were these seats good! The lower level is not that high and not too deep, so the 200 level isn't that high or far away from the court. Instead, you're at an ideal height for seeing the game and you don't feel like you're watching from the parking lot. And if you like to watch replays like me, you're literally at eye level with the videoboard. It's like having a personal big-screen TV right in front of you -- oh, and there's a live basketball game going on just below it.

The student section and band is below you to the right. So you're still kind of close, but not too close where it gets really loud. The atmosphere in this section was pretty calm, so it's a nice place for a family or to bring a date.

Being on the aisle made getting in and out really easy, but there are a lot of seats in each row. So you will have to get up quite a bit to let other fans in and out.

If I went back to the Kohl Center, these would be the seats I would shoot for. They're not as expensive as the lower level, and the view almost can't be beat!

Best for... watching the game, bringing the family, impressing a guest

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