Kohl Center

"There are better seats in the 200 level"

Seat Review From Section 119, Row P, Seats 1-2
Nov 2013


These seats are kind of interesting. Seat 1 is a semi-aisle seat. In Row P you can squeeze through from the concourse. But all of the other Seat 1 seats in lower rows aren't accessible without first walking over a bunch of other people. In seat 1 you're right up against the railing, so you're kind of pinned in; though it makes a pretty good armrest at times.

If you can get to the concourse easily, the Sweet Shoppe and other concession stand are right there. So this is an ideal place to sit if you want to treat the kids.

The guy in front of me had a really big head, which distracted the view. If not for that, the view was better than expected. You can really see the other side of the court really well. This section is kind of behind the visiting team bench, so it's an ideal place for opposing team fans to get some cheap lower level tickets.

This section is two sections away from the student section, so it's usually pretty rocking. But Row P in this section is in line with the last couple rows of the student section -- the rows where the student stragglers stand and don't pay attention to the game. They're pretty obnoxious and distracting. So if you don't like that, sit in a lower row or try to get seats more towards midcourt on the 200 level.

Best for... bringing the family, fans on a budget, fans of the oppposing team

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