Lower Level Side Seating at KeyArena Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

In a traditional end stage configuration, some of the best seats for a show at KeyArena can be find in lower level sections 115 and 127, thanks to the close proximity to the stage and good seating height above floor level for viewing the elevated stage.

If possible, opt for seats in rows 12 and lower in sections 115 and 127 for and end stage performance, as this will help to avoid some of the side angle views found in the higher rows (we recommend avoiding seat numbers 16 and higher in rows 13 in section 115, as well as the lowest numbered seats in rows 13 in section 127).

Sections 114 and 128 offer good views as well for a traditional end stage setup, but these seats are truly the best when the stage is configured in the center of the floor. Sections 101 and 113 keep you closer than some of the corner and end sections on the lower level, but for a typical end stage performance you will be left with a significant head when trying to watch the stage while seated.

The lower entry tunnels here are located just above row 12, while there is also an additional entry tunnel for the higher rows located at row 23. For the best combination of convenience and optimal viewing height, we recommend searching for seats in rows 8-12 which will not be too high up and keep you within 5 rows of the lower entry tunnel.  -

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    • "Perfect Seats!"

      (Section 128) - -

      Great view of stage with no heads in our way.

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