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For most traditional end stage performances, the floor at Key Arena consists of just two sections (AA and BB), which commonly have aisle breaks found between rows 9 and 10, and towards the back of the floor between rows 24 and 25.

In the standard end stage configuration, fans with tickets in floor section AA will want to be in the higher seat numbers as this will get you closer to the center of the stage (seat 20 is typically on the left aisle and closest to the center of the stage). In floor section BB, the seating picks up with seat 21 being on the right aisle (closest to the center) making seats in the lower 20s the top options while the higher numbered seats will have you further from the middle.

However not all performances feature a traditional end stage setup, and you might commonly find 3 floor sections (AA, BB, and CC) where you floor section BB is in the middle, while floor sections AA and CC are on the edges. Floor layouts at KeyArena can vary between performers, so be sure to confirm the seating configuration before purchasing your tickets.  -

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      (Floor 7) - -

      I originally had a ticket to sit in Section Floor 5 Row 2 but there was a last minute change in seating arrangement at the Chris Brown Concert at Key Arena. So a whole bunch of people were reassigned seating. It was disappointing but hey things happen. Overall it was good, but I feel that the in...

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