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With a less than ideal position on the top tier and behind the nets, seats here are the best place to find cheap Redwings Tickets. Details at the far net will be difficult to follow, so we recommend Redwings fans stick to Sections 213A-216B where you'll be closer to the net where the Wings shoot twice.

Section entry tunnels are located at the front of each section, and seating rows start with Row 1 at the front, and run as far as Row 27 at the back.

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  • You have the whole game right in front of you.

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  • I just hate the black netting.

    I just hate the black netting, (and the top bar is a nuisance in the upper bowl at either end around row 5. ) Wish they would change the netting to white or clear. Any seats between the bluelines are good, no net to interfere.