Joe Louis Arena

Joe Louis Arena Lower Level Behind the Net Seating


Sitting Here for a Hockey Game

Sitting behind the nets is a great spot for the avid hockey fan making the trip to Joe Louis Arena. You can watch plays develop, and really experience the cross ice passes from a perspective which you don't often find on TV.

Redwings fans will want to find themselves in Sections 113-116 to be closer to the net where the Wings shoot twice, and if you're bringing children to the game, consider Sections 114 and 115 which are closest to the Zamboni tunnel (located at the bottom of Section 114).  -

Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

  • "Section 101"

    (Section 101) - -

    If you want the ice level experience you need to get up front in the lower level (at nearly twice the price) But if you want an overall view of the action with the ability to see the play develop the first ten rows of the upper sections is the place to be.

  • "Seats in section 127 of the Joe are also full of glass slamming body checks and super sonic slap shots."


    Sending a gun shot sound through your entire body, a super intense section with a great view of the ice and action.