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Located in the lower corners of the 100 level, sections 111-112, 105-106, 101, and 116 comprise the corner sections at Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena.

While sections in the lower end are wide and far from the stage, the lower level corner seats provide a more comfortable viewing experience. Sections 111 and 106 have fewer rows than most sections, which can allow for a better view of the show. Sections 112 and 116 have access to an exclusive lower level club concourse, which offers an exclusive bar, impressive food options, and private seating. Sections 101 and 105 provide a great view of the show as well.

We highly recommend the lower level corner sections at Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena - specifically sections 112 and 116, as these are club sections with a close view.  - RateYourSeats.com

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    • "Solid view from the lower corner"

      (Section 106) - -

      Sitting in section 106 was great! We liked sitting on the lower level, and our seats were slightly angled to the stage which made a difference. Also, there's fewer rows in section 106 when compared to the surrounding sections, so the view felt completely unobstructed. We had easy access to the c...

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