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Best Seats for Great Views of the Field at Empower Field

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Through its many name changes, Mile High Stadium has remained one of the largest stadiums in the NFL. The home of the Broncos features three main seating levels, each with at least 20 rows of seating. The sheer size of the venue and its seating options can make it difficult to know what to expect when it comes to finding a great view.

Playing it Safe at Midfield

As with most football stadiums, you'll find that the best views come from the seats closest to the 50-yardline. These seats will give you the best chance to see side-to-side with ease and will give you a perspective similar to what you're used to seeing on TV.

In the lower level - where most fans will begin their search - we recommend saving money by choosing a seat in the highest row possible. Specifically, we like rows 28 and above for the best overall views from the lower seating bowl.

The entrance tunnel in these 100 level sections is located near row 21. Seats just above this row can often become blocked by people spilling into or out of the tunnel. This is why we recommend sitting in one of the last 10 rows. Meanwhile, if you're seated below the tunnel in rows 1-20, you might actually be too close to the field. The players may obstruct your view or you may have to turn your head sharply to see scoring plays at the goal line.

Midfield seating is also available on the 300 level, although all of these sections are club seats. Despite their high price-tag, NFL club seats usually have a reputation for providing the best views. While this is partially true at Empower Field, we think that the club seats are elevated a little too high for our liking. They're certainly great seats - but given the high price point - we only recommend the lower rows. If you're sitting in a higher row of the 300s, you may as well save a lot of money and get a seat at the front of the 500s.

Sit on the West Sideline in the 500 Level

Within the 500s we recommend seats along the west sideline. In addition to being on the Broncos side of the field, these seats will have the sun at their back. Thus, when the sun is setting during the afternoon, it will not be setting into your eyes like it will be on the opposite side of the field. With entrance tunnels near row 8, our top picks are in rows 1-8 of sections 505-510.

Endzone Views

Unfortunately for Broncos fans, the videoboards at Empower Field leave a lot to be desired. The stadium features two small videoboards high above two corners of the 500 level - and one main videoboard in the south endzone.

If you're not sitting near midfield, you'd do well to find a seat on the north side of the field. These sections have the best head-on view of the large videoboard - and because the stadium is closed on this side - it's not nearly as windy as south endzone seating. We really like the lower rows of sections 321-325 where you get a unique video-game-like view of the field.

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Recommended Ticket Locations

Rows 28-38 in Sections 103, 104, 105 and more

Best elevation from the lower level

High enough to see over the players - and over fans at the entrance tunnels

Excellent sideline view from between the 20s

Rows 1-5 in Sections 306, 307, 308 and more

Best overall views at Empower Field at Mile High

Very good elevation with comfortable sitelines to both sides of the field

Club level amenities for Broncos games

Rows 1-8 in Sections 321, 322, 323 and more

Elevated view from the north endzone

See the field like the quarterbacks and linebackers do

Best view of the stadium's primary videoboard

Rows 1-8 in Sections 505, 506, 507 and more

Best upper level views are found in the first 8 rows of these sections

Decent views of the videoboard above the northeast corner of the stadium

Sun sets behind these seats instead of in your face

Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

  • "Not bad seats at all!"

    (Section 507) - -

    This was the first time I had ever sat up that high at Sports Authority Field. I was worried the seats wouldn't be that great but I was wrong. You have a great view of the entire field. The only problem is when people stand or sit forward in their seat your view gets blocked. But the price I pai...

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