Husky Stadium

Husky Stadium 200 Level Sideline Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

Sideline seating on the North side of the stadium includes Don James Center seating in Sections 228-230. For fans sitting in these seats, food and beverage is included in the ticket price. The seats are also padded, extra-wide (wider than Club Husky) and come with armrests and cupholders.

For fans not lucky enough to sit in the Don James Center seats, other sideline seating is on benches with a back.

There are fewer than 20 rows of seating in each 200 Level Sideline section and all 200 Level seating on the sideline is protected from rain and sun.

For more information about the benefits and amenities offered in these seats, please visit Club & Premium Seating -

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    • "Plenty of room."

      (Section 227) - -

      Good view of scoreboard. For numbered bench seats they were actually quite roomy.

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