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Lower Level Side Seating at SAP Center Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

For fans who prefer to not be on the floor for an end stage show, the Lower Level Side sections are where you will find some of the very best concert views at SAP Center. Most seats here feel very close to the action on the stage, and provide a better viewing height over floor level for watching the elevated stage.

Sections 116 and 128 are often some of the most demanded seats for end stage performances, as it is difficult to get any closer to the stage without sacrificing your viewing angles. If sitting in a higher row, stick to the lower numbered seats of section 116 or the higher numbered seats of section 128 to maintain a better sight line to the front of the stage.

Near the middle of the arena, sections 101 and 115 are also good options for an end stage show, however these seats are going to be the very best when the SAP Center is transformed into a center stage layout (where the stage is located in the middle of the floor).

For the fans who just want to be as close to possible and are not opposed to sub-optimal viewing angles, tickets are often made available for purchase in sections 117 and 127 for an end stage show. You will definitely be close to the stage here, but it will be very difficult to see the front of the performance. When possible, go with the lowest possible seat numbers of section 117, or the highest numbered seats in section 127 to avoid feeling completely behind the stage.  -

Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

  • "Excellent view"

    (Section 115) - -

    Seats were well located overlooking the concert stage. Easy access.

  • "Cool"

    (Section 102) -
  • "Cool"

    (Section 102) - is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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