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Sitting Here for a Concert

The floor at the SAP Center generally consists of 3 seating sections during a traditional end stage performance. All three sections extend as close as it gets (right up against the stage), but while floor sections 1 and 3 go as far back as the tail portion of the floor, section 2 is usually smaller due a mixing booth located in the last few rows.

For the best overall floor experience at a traditional end stage show, it will be difficult to find anything better than the front of floor section 2 thanks to the excellent alignment with the center of the performance. The section typically has 14 seats in most rows, leaving the most central views for fans in seats 7-8.

On the right side of the floor (section 1), opt for the higher numbered seats when available for a traditional end stage performance as these keep you closer to the center of the stage (seat 14 is normally the closest seat to floor section 2). On the left side of the floor though, you will have better viewing angles in the lower numbered seats of section 3.

In the traditional end stage configuration, there is an aisle break located between rows 25 and 29 which almost divides the sections into separate seating areas. If you can find a seat in row 29 of floor section 2, you will be in excellent shape thanks to central views and the convenience of having the aisle right in front of your seat.

Not all shows will be setup in the conventional end stage layout at SAP Center, so we recommend researching the specific seating chart for your event before purchasing tickets. For a handful of shows, the floor can even be configured in a single general admission section, where spots are standing room only and filled up on a first come first serve basis.  -

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    • "Our seats were awesome!"

      (Floor 3) - -

      Great view of the stage, and when the performer walks down the runway part of the stage you have an amazing view!

    • "Great View! Very Close. Performers Can See You!"

      (Floor 3) - -

      Aisle seats would have been amazing! NKOTB go into crowd and walk along aisles often throughout the show. Great seats but ours were in the middle of the row so we didn't get any of that action. Also two tall guys in 2nd row kept obstructing my view. NKOTB, 98 degrees, and Boyz II Men put on a fa...


      (Floor 3) - -


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