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Plaza Level Side Seating at Honda Center Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

Sitting in the Plaza Level Side sections is an excellent option during a traditional end stage performance. Most notably, sections 209-210 and 220-221 provide impressive proximity to the stage, while still having a viewing angle to the front of the performance.

Tickets are often available in sections 211 and 219 for an end stage show, and while these seats will certainly get you close to the action on the stage, it is important to be careful when choosing seat numbers. In section 211, the lower numbered seats will be closer to the right aisle with the best viewing angles, while those seated in the higher numbered seats (6 and up) will have a much more difficult view. On the other side of the Honda Center, you will want to be in the higher numbered seats of section 219 as the low numbered seats have the most difficult viewing angles.

Sections 208 and 222 are also good options for an end stage performance, however these seats are among the very best when the show features a main stage setup in the very center of the floor.

Views from sections 206-207 and 223-224 are not terribly far, however as these seats face directly across the Honda Center, fans will have a big head turn to see the stage when seated for a traditional end stage show.  -

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Almost totally obstructed view due to stage equipment "

      (Section 220) - -

      These seats were as far to the side stage as possible at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas concert 2019. We were against the railing with no one to our right and could see more of the roadies and backup equipment than the stage. The stage itself was blocked by speaker stacks, so just sneak peaks of...

    • "Don't go past seat 10 in section 209"

      (Section 209) - -

      Very good seats. Could see whole stage.

    • "The view of the stage was pretty good. "


      It was pretty close. The bathrooms could use some work. The lines are long and it's stuffy-stinky.

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