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Floor Seats For Honda Center Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

For a traditional end stage layout, the floor at the Honda Center consists of reserved seating in sections 101-103 closest to the stage, and reserved seating in floor sections 104-106 furthest from the stage.

Thanks to head on views and close proximity to a typical end stage setup, seats in floor section 2 are among the best you can find. The section generally has 14 numbered seats in each row, leaving seats 7-8 as the best option for a direct head on view to the center of the performance. A bit further back, you can also find head on views for an end stage performance in floor section 105, with seats 7-8 again having the best center position.

On the right side of the floor, sections 101 and 104 feature 14 seats during a traditional layout, but you will want to be in the higher numbered seats to remain closest to the stage. Conversely, on the right side of the floor (sections 103 and 106) you would want to be in the lower numbered seats as these are closer to the right aisle and therefore closer to the center of the stage.

Views from the back rows of floor sections 104-106 can get very distant for a typical end stage performance, so we recommend trying to stay within the first 5 rows of seating when possible.

Not all performances at the Honda Center are setup in the traditional end stage layout, and it is not uncommon to find general admission standing room only areas in portions of the floor, and sometimes throughout the entire floor.  -

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