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Seat Review From Section 510, Row W, Seats 12 &13
Dec 2018



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    Steelers Ravens, Sunday Night.. Great Seats!

    Nov 2011

    Section 510, Row M, Seats 5-6

    I was sitting on the 47 yard line, with an Excellent view. I originally thought Row M would be a little far from the field, but it wasn't when this close to the 50. I only wish the game would have gone the other way. The picture is pretty accurate for the view. I felt closer than the picture would indicate.

    Great view of whole field

    Oct 2015

    Section 510, Row D, Seat 17

    Can see whole field and both scoreboards at all times. 50 yard line - Pittsburgh Steelers sideline straight across from seats.

    Very nice few of the field, but first seat...

    Nov 2017

    Section 510, Row S, Seat 1

    I sat in section 510. Row S, Seat 1 and had a great view of the game, but the trouble with seat one is that you have to keep getting up every time some one wants a snack, beer or has to go to the washroom. That's the only downside. Photos attached so you can get an idea about the view. Enjoy!

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      Nice people in the section

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