Heinz Field

"Too many steps for this 72 year old body, but great otherwise"

Seat Review From Section 534, Row BB, Seats 3-4
Oct 2016


I would next time pick a different section because of my age. Otherwise great seats, good view of the field. They were accommodating by letting me use the handicap elevator.

Best for... watching the game, fans of the oppposing team

Avoid if... climbing stairs is difficult

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    Stratosphere seats, bring your binoculars! Great view of the city.

    Sep 2014

    Section 534, Row Q

    My sons, age 18-24 had the seats which were so high, it was hard to see anything. they thought they were ok seats. We paid over $100.00 per ticket, but as that was their first time, I guess $135.00 a seat was not much for what you got. Next time in order to get a better experience we will pay more than twice that amount to get closer to the action.

    • "Saw Everything!"

      (Section 536) - -

      I would pay for them again because they are near the 50 yd. Line.

    • "Perfect"

      (Section 517) - -

      The seats were perfect for someone on a budget that wanted decent seats. It was a good view and the atmosphere around me was amazing.

    • "Very nice few of the field, but first seat..."

      (Section 510) - -

      I sat in section 510. Row S, Seat 1 and had a great view of the game, but the trouble with seat one is that you have to keep getting up every time some one wants a snack, beer or has to go to the washroom. That's the only downside. Photos attached so you can get an idea about the view. Enjoy!

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