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Located just above the Club Level seats on the Heinz Field seating chart are the Upper Level Sideline sections, which offer some of the cheapest tickets for football games. Being on the highest level will mean some of the furthest views, but fans looking for affordable midfield seats will find them here in sections 510-511 and 534-535.

As you get closer to the south endzone, views of the large videoboard begin to be more difficult, and we recommend that scoreboard watchers avoid sections 504-507 and 538-541. The last few rows in these sections will be protected by a small roof, providing far views but decent cover from the weather. Sections in this seating location have 36 lettered rows.

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  • Section 534, Row O
    100/100 Deal Rating
    December 31 -
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Fan Ratings & Reviews

  • I would recommend it up to 2.5x face value.

    Sat in Row JJ. We were high enough to be undercover and protected from the cold rain. And it sure beats being on the corners or in the end zone. I would recommend it up-to 2.5x face value (if you are willing to spend more, of course there are ...More

  • The first section from the more expensive mid-field seats.

    Generally this is the first section you find price breaks on.

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