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Seat Review From Section 134, Row V, Seats 17, 18
Jul 2013

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    Best for... Catching a foul ball

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    Awesome view of Joey Votto and the Rest of the Boys

    Apr 2012

    Section 134, Row A, Seat 4


    Section 134, Row C, Seats 7-8

    Section 134, Row C, Seats 7-8. Awesome! Long walk up to concession area though.

    • "Excellent seat for a shot at foul balls"

      (Section 135) -
    • "Shaded seats for 4pm game"

      (Section 136) - -

      Close to Fan Zone and lots of concessions, shaded. Great view of game.

    • "Close enough to talk to Jay Bruce "

      (Section 136) - -

      On the foul line, perfect for catching almost fair fly balls or grounders!

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