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Cincinnati Reds Upper View Infield Seating


Sitting Here for a Baseball Game

Seats in the Upper View Infield will be among some of the more affordable ticket options due to their positioning on the highest seating tier, but will have a good vantage point to the river in the background of Great American Ball park.

Sections behind home plate and on the first base side are larger (Rows A through V) and also have steeper stairway in the aisle, but will have better views of the videoboard. Down the third base line, the sections only run through Row R and have an easier walk up the aisle however the seats require a bit of a head turn to see the videoboard above left field.

Fans can find overhead coverage in the last few rows of the sections here, but these seats will also have the furthest views and longest walks to the concourse as the entry tunnels are located at the front of the sections.  -

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      They were perfect seats.

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