Gillette Stadium

New England Revolution 100 Level Endline Seating


Sitting Here for a Soccer

Endline sections span from corner to corner in the 100 level at Gillette Stadium. Fans sitting in these sections will have great views when their action is on their side of the field. Most sections will have 38 rows except for sections 116-122 which will have just 21 due to the lounge below them.

On the north side is The Fort which is made up of several Revolution supporters groups. This area covers sections 141-143 where fans will stand, chant and wave flags all game long. Fans wanting a rowdy atmosphere can sit in or near these sections.  -

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    • "Great seats and great view"

      (Section 118) - -

      The seats were great, the view was great, not too far from the bathrooms and food stands. Overall it was an awesome experience.

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