"Great view of the opening game, cheerleaders and touchdown plays!"
Gillette Stadium Section 105 Seat Review Added December 2013


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    Best For...
  • being close to the action
  • partying and socializing
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  • you're bringing the family
  • you're cheering for the away team
  • you don't want a sun burn

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Row 3
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  • Favorite Seat: 130, Row 33, Seat 2

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  • Long line for women's restroom

    This section is close to the stadium entrance, which means long lines at the women's restroom at the beginning of the game, even though there is another one just two sections away.

  • Good deli concessions with friendly cashiers

    Get the panini or chicken caesar wrap.

  • TV Video Cameras 128-135

    The TV video cameras generally go back and forth between sections 128 and 135. They can block parts of the view from rows 1-12 at any given time.

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