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Best Seats for Great Views of the Field at Gillette Stadium

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Although many of the top rated views for football games at Gillette Stadium come from being near midfield, there are a number of other factors which fans would be wise to take into consideration when searching for tickets. Finding a balance between viewing height and proximity to the field is important here, as is knowing which spots have great natural angles and which spots have potential pitfalls.

Being on the lower seating tier is always a great option for feeling close to the action, however just as it can be said for many other stadiums across the NFL, Gillette does have some less than ideal views in the very front seating rows. If you prefer to be on the 100 level and want to ensure a fantastic view, we recommend searching in rows 20 and higher across sections 107-112 and 129-134. The positioning between the 20 yard lines gives you those desirable sideline viewing angles, but more important is your seating height in the upper half of the section. Avoiding those lower rows allows you enough elevation to be able to see over the sidelines and have a clear view of the action on the field.

But if the lower level isn't a must for you, and there's a bit more money in the budget to spend on tickets, some of the best views in the house will be found on the second level in the Putnam Club sections near midfield. The viewing height from this seating deck is superb, allowing you to have phenomenal viewing angles to all areas of the field. We recommend opting for Club sections 8-11 and 30-33 as these will have you in prime position between the 30 yard lines. Avoid the front two rows if possible as the safety railing can impact your view, and instead search stick to rows 3-12 where the views will be near unbeatable.

While the Putnam Club won't be an option for all fans due to the higher price of a seat, you can still take advantage of that excellent viewing height in other non-premium seating sections on the second seating deck. Corner sections 203-204, 215-216, 225-26, and 237-238 are excellent spots to score a view not only due to the seating height, but also because of the angling of the seats themselves which have you pointed almost perfectly at midfield. The corner perspective allows you to grasp the range of movement both from sideline to sideline and endzone to endzone, while also providing a good angle to the videoboard at the far end of the field. Again you'll want to stick to rows 3-12 here (avoid the first two rows due to the safety railing in front), and also be sure to pass on sections 205, 214, 227, and 236 as there is an additional railing on the side that can cause obstructions in select seats.

Our last recommendation for a great view at Gillette Stadium are the seats in the last 10 rows of sections 118-122 above the south endzone. While you don't get that desirable sideline viewing perspective, what you do have is an incredibly comfortable spot with straight away sight lines to both the field and videoboard (no head turning needed at all). Being within 10 rows of the concourse also allows for quicker trips to and from the restrooms and concessions, leaving you more time in your seat to enjoy all the action on the field. As an additional bonus, these seats also have a very nice viewing angle to the stadium's iconic lighthouse and bridge at the far endzone.

As a final note, we would urge fans looking for a spectacular view to avoid any of the seats on the upper 300 level. While they are certainly some of the most affordable seats, they are incredibly high up and far from the action, and there are also a number of spots on this upper seating tier where the safety railings and partition glass can impact your view.  -

Recommended Ticket Locations

Rows 20-38 in Sections 109, 110, 131 and more

Right on the 50 yard line!

Close to the action on the lower seating tier

Best viewing height on the 100 level in Rows 20 and up

Rows 20-38 in Sections 107, 108, 111 and more

Perfect elevation for seeing the field comfortably

Great lower tier viewing angles between the 15 and 35 yard lines

Closer to the entry tunnels than seats in the lower rows

Rows 29-38 in Sections 118, 119, 120 and more

Comfortable straight away viewing angles to the field

Great sight lines to the videoboard, bridge, and lighthouse at the far endzone

Better viewing height and concourse access at the top of the 100 level

Rows 3-12 in Sections CL10, CL11, CL30 and more

Ideal viewing height from the second tier club level!

Excellent angles from between the 30 yard lines

Rows 3-12 in Sections 203, 204, 215 and more

Excellent viewing height from the 200 level

Seats are nicely angled toward the center of the field

Good views of the videoboard above the opposite endzone is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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