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Upper Level Side Seating at Gillette Stadium Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

If you are looking for a more affordable ticket option for an end stage performance at Gillette Stadium, the Upper Level Side sections offer some decent options at a fraction of the cost of a lower level seat.

The very best of the seats here for a traditional configuration are found in the lower rows of sections 311-312 and 329-330, where the proximity to the stage helps curb some of the deflation of being so high up in the stadium. It is important to stick to rows 7 and lower whenever possible, as the sections here are split into a lower and upper portion by a set of stairs. The upper portion begins at row 8 and feels much higher and further due to the additional set of stairs you need to climb from the upper level concourse. Rows 1-7 have a much closer feel to the performance, and also keep you near the conveniences of the concourse.

If you find yourself searching in sections any further north (further from the stage) than section 308 or 333 for a traditionally configured performance, we recommend just opting for the best priced ticket you can find in rows 7 and lower as the views will feel far no matter what.

Sections on the Upper Level Side run as high as row 26 at the very top, with rows 8 and higher located above the concourse, and rows 7 and lower beneath.  -

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    • "No seat there"

      (Section 331) - -

      No seat. 13 there. I had to sit on a cold concrete slab!

    • "Rolling Stones - Jul 7, 2019"

      (Section 333) -
    • "The audio in the 300 sections at AC/DC was the worst in 30 years of concerts. "

      (Section 310) - -

      You could barely understand Angus Young's guitar, Brian Johnson and the rest of the band were all lost in echo. I was ready to leave after the 1st song but my wife was petrified to get out of her seat because of the height. Absolute worst concert ever and the worst part of is that a good AC/DC show ...

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